Deral S.p.A. was estabilished in 1985 and since then is a leading aluminium remelting company producing aluminium billets for extrusion. Deral homogenized billets are produced in different diameters and lengths by melting primary aluminium with a minimum purity of 99.7% with selected scraps.

Deral considers the protection of the environment as an integral part of its structure, production process and of all its products and recycling scraps it plays an important ecological role.
Deral S.p.A is equipped with two casting lines installed on an area of 30,000 sq. m. of which 5.000 are covered.
Deral S.p.A. annual production capacity exceed 60,000 Tons. Deral is equipped with an analysis laboratory and a computer-based service on site to verify alloys in all their elements and characteristics to issue analysis certificates.